Red ligth camera

Redflex REDFLEXred

Red light camera photo enforced location

United States, Canada, Australia,
United Kingdom, France, Italy
and more countries

Redflex REDFLEXred

REDFLEXred (Redflex)

The REDFLEXred is used in country like United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Qatar.

Part of the REDFLEXred suite of fixed enforcement systems, REDFLEXred utilises loops, piezos or radar technology combined with high resolution digital cameras to detect and photograph intersection combined red light and speed offences.

REDFLEXred accurately captures combined red light and speed violations across up to six lanes of approaching or receding traffic, as well as capturing additional information such as vehicle length, class and lane identification.

An 11 megapixel camera provides the image quality required for smaller intersections, while the optional 16 megapixel camera delivers optimum image performance for all enforcement applications.

The system is highly customisable, with a wide range of options and accessories available to enable users to configure the system that best suits their requirements. Options include live video capability for additional incident verification and an auxiliary front view camera for driver and front number plate identification.