Red ligth camera


Red light camera photo enforced location

United States, Canada, Australia,
United Kingdom, France, Italy
and more countries



The MORPHO MESTA 3000 is used in country like France.
Based on inductive and virtual loop technologies, the Mesta 3000 monitors up to four lanes. Its wide field of view, fast response, high definition digital camera provides two colour photos of each red light violation, necessary for identification of the offending vehicle and the reading of its number plate. As an option, the system can acquire short video footage of the violation (starting a few seconds before the actual red light running, ending a few seconds after) to allow analyzing the sequence of events.

Well integrated into the urban landscape: discreet and elegant, the MESTA 3000 fits harmoniously in urban environments. Designed to adapt to various site configurations, the Mesta 3000 is also protected against vandalism.

Remote maintenance and parameter setting: to ensure optimal availability, the Mesta 3000 devices are remotely monitored by the processing centre (VPC), via a secure network.

Secure: all data generated by Mesta 3000 are encrypted locally. With a large storage capacity the system can record the violation messages and a number of events (alarms, logs). All data are either transmitted in real time to the processing centre, or stored for later batch transmission.