Red ligth camera

Toulouse enforcement location

Red light camera photo enforced location

United States, Canada, Australia,
United Kingdom, France, Italy
and more countries


Route de Saint-Simon, from Le Mirail to Centre Ville
Boulevard Riquet, from Vers Matabiau
Avenue Jean-Chaubet, from Toulouse to Balma
Avenue de Fronton, from Toulouse to Aucamville
Boulevard Suisse, from Purpan to Suisse
Avenue des Etats-Unis, from Fenouillet to Toulouse
Route de Launaguet, from Aucamville to Toulouse
Route d'Albi, from Toulouse to L'Union
Rue des Arcs-Saint-Cyprien, from Centre-ville to Le Mirail
Boulevard Bernard Griffoul-Dorval, from
Route de Narbonne, from Rangueil to Centre ville
Avenue du Général Eisenhower, from Ouest to Est
Route de Seysses, from Cugnaux to Toulouse
Route de Seysses, from Toulouse to Cugnaux

Toulouse Suburbs


Rue de la Vieille Eglise, from Cugnaux to Villeneuve-Tolosane


Avenue de Toulouse, from L'Union to Toulouse