Red ligth camera

Nimes enforcement location

Red light camera photo enforced location

United States, Canada, Australia,
United Kingdom, France, Italy
and more countries


Rue Neper, from Nord to Sud
Avenue des Poètes, from Vers centre-ville
Rue Alphonse de Seynes, from Vers centre-ville
Avenue Monseigneur-Claverie, from
Route d'Uzès, from Uzès to Nîmes
Route de Sauve, from Quissac to Nîmes
Route de Sauve, from
Avenue Bir Hakeim, from Ouest to Est

Nimes Suburbs


Avenue d'Anduze, from Alès to Anduze
Quai du 8 mai 1945, from Mende to Alès
Avenue d'Anduze, from Saint-Christol les Alès to Alès
Avenue d'Alsace, from Saint-Martin de Valgalgues to Alès


, from Aubord to Caissargues


, from Lunel to Nîmes


Rue de Nîmes, from Nîmes to Beaucaire
Rue de Nîmes, from Beaucaire to Nîmes

Pont Saint-Esprit

Avenue Kennedy, from Bourg-Saint-Andéol to Pont-Saint-Esprit


Avenue Geoffroy Perret, from Nîmes to Avignon


Avenue des Rosiers, from Saint-Ambroix to Saint-Martin-de-Valgalgues