Red ligth camera

Lille enforcement location

Red light camera photo enforced location

United States, Canada, Australia,
United Kingdom, France, Italy
and more countries


Boulevard du Président Hoover, from Ronchin to Lille
Rue de la Bassée, from Lille to Loos
Boulevard Montebello, from Ronchin to Lomme
Rue d'Artois, from Lille to Ronchin
Rue Gustave Courbet, from Loos to Ronchin
Rue Solférino, from Ronchin to Lambersart
Rue Nationale, from Loos to Lille

Lille Suburbs


Rue Henri Durré, from Douai to Denain
Rue Jean Jaurès, from Denain to Douai


Avenue des Bains, from Dunkerque to Malo-les-Bains
Boulevard de la République, from Dunkerque to Leffrinckoucke
Avenue de Petite-Synthe, from Dunkerque to Grande-Synthe
Avenue des Sports, from Malo-les-Bains to Rosendaël
Avenue des Bains, from Malo-les-Bains to Dunkerque
Rue des Chantiers de France, from Port de Plaisance to Dunkerque
Boulevard de la République, from Leffrinckoucke to Dunkerque
Avenue Maurice-Berteaux, from Port to A16
Avenue Maurice-Berteaux, from A16 to Port
Avenue de Petite-Synthe, from Grande-Synthe to Dunkerque


D601, from Dunkerque to Loon-Plage
D601, from Loon-Plage to Dunkerque
Rue du Moulin, from Fort-Mardyck to Grande-Synthe
Rue Salvador Allende, from Grande-Synthe to Fort-Mardyck


Avenue du Maréchal Foch, from Saint-André-les-Lille to Lomme
Avenue de l'Hippodrome, from Lille to Lambersart
Avenue de l'Hippodrome, from Lambersart to Lille


Avenue de Dunkerque, from Lille to Capinghem


Avenue Alfred Motte, from Lille to Wattrelos
Quai de Dunkerque, from Lille to Wattrelos


Rue Henri Durre, from Valenciennes to Saint-Amand les Eaux


Avenue de Denain, from La Sentinelle to Valenciennes


Rue Marcel Sembat, from Saint-Amand les Eaux to Wallers
Rue Marcel Danna, from Hélesmes to Wallers


Rue de l'Union, from Wattrelos to Belgique