Red ligth camera

Grenoble enforcement location

Red light camera photo enforced location

United States, Canada, Australia,
United Kingdom, France, Italy
and more countries


Cours de la Libération, from Grenoble to Echirolles
Avenue Paul Verlaine, from Grenoble to Saint-Martin d'Hères

Grenoble Suburbs


Avenue Ambroise Croizat, from Fontaine to Sassenage
Boulevard Joliot-Curie, from Seyssinet-Pariset to Sassenage

Le Pont de Claix

Cours Saint-André, from Grenoble to Le Pont de Claix

Saint-Martin d'Hères

Avenue Potié, from Saint-Martin d'Hères to Grenoble


Boulevard du Rhône Nord, from Vienne to Lyon