Agen Red light camera

Photo enforced locations for Agen and suburbs



In Agen, some red ligth cameras are installed at this crossroads:

Avenue Jean Jaurès, from Agen to Valence
Avenue de Colmar, from Toulouse to Agen
Avenue du Général de Gaulle, from Port-Sainte-Marie to Agen
Avenue Jean Monnet, from Agen to Toulouse

Agen Suburbs

There's a few red light cameras around Agen.


D119, from Brax to Agen


Avenue Jean Jaurès, from La Réole to Marmande

Villeneuve sur Lot

Avenue d'Agen, from Agen to Villeneuve sur Lot
Rue Victor Michaud, from Villeneuve-sur-lot to Casseneuil
Avenue du Général de Gaulle, from Monflanquin to Villeneuve sur lot
Avenue d'Agen, from Villeneuve sur Lot to Agen